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Silver Leafs Skate School

The Silver Leafs Skate School runs the Learn to Skate USA program, which is sponsored by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating.  Through Learn to Skate USA, the Silver Leafs Skate School provided opportunities for all ages and skill levels to learn and improve their skating skills.  Whether you have Olympic aspirations, want to be able to have fun with new friends on the ice, play hockey like a pro, or to have an activity to set and reach goals, Silver Leafs Skate School has the right class for you.

We welcome you to visit and for more information, or contact the Figure Skating Director, Gerianne Johnson with any questions you may have.

We welcome you to visit  for information on the organization or you can e-mail our Figure Skating Director Gerianne Johnsonn with questions.


The mission of Learn to Skate USA is to provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating.
The Silver Leafs Skate School’s mission is to provide a friendly, fun atmosphere where anyone, of any age, can learn to ice skate and set and achieve their goals.

Trial Classes

If you have a child who wants to skate but are unsure of how they will do in a class, you may do a trial class.  Trial classes are available during the first week of each session and cost $25.


Skaters are allowed two make-up classes per session.  Missed classes must be made up within the current session.  Please contact the Front Desk or Figure Skating Director to let us know when you need to make a class up.


Snowplow Sam- Discover, Learn & Play (Ages 3-5)

The Snowplow Sam levels are introductory classes divided into four progressive levels allowing children, of ages 3-5 with no prior skating experience, to build confidence while learning the basic skills of skating.  These classes are designed to help children develop the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.  The ABCs are essential for developing fundamentals movement skills and physical literacy.  All classes will be taught in a safe and positive environment, incorporating fun and games making class time and enjoyable experience for all.

Snowplow Sam 1 – For beginning skaters between the ages of 3-5, who have never taken any formal classes before. Skills: Sit and stand up with skates on off the ice, sit and stand up on ice, march in place, march forward 8-10 steps, march and then glide on two feet, dip in place.

Snowplow Sam 2 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Snowplow Sam 1.  Skills: March followed by a long glide, dip while moving, backward walking, backward wiggles, 2-3 forward swizzles in a row, beginning snowplow stop motion in place, two-foot hop in place.

Snowplow Sam 3 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Snowplow Sam 2. Skills: Forward skating 8-10 strides, forward one-foot glides, 4-6 forward swizzles, 2-3 backward swizzles, moving forward snowplow stop, curves.

Snowplow Sam 4 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Snowplow Sam 3.  Skills: Forward skating, backward two-foot glide, 4-6 backward swizzles, rocking horse, forward to back two-foot turns in place.

If a skater has successfully completed Snowplow Sam 3 and is close to the age of 6, they may advance to Basic 2 or HOCKEY CLASS.  If a skater has successfully completed Snowplow Sam 3, and are still between the ages of 3-5, they may advance to Snowplow Sam 4.

Basic Skills - FUNdamentals (Ages 6 & up)

Basic Skills teaches the FUNdamentals of ice skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey and speedskating for skaters ages 6 and up.  Six progressive levels introduce forward and backward skating, stops, crossovers and turns.  Upon completion of the Basic Skills 1-6 levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.  All classes will be well-structured with the focus on proper skill development taught in a positive, FUN and social environment.  Skaters will progress at their own rate and advance after skill mastery is demonstrated.

Basic 1 – For beginner skaters over the age of 6, who have never taken any formal classes before.  Skills: Sit on the ice and stand up, march forward across the ice, forward two-foot glide, dip, 6-8 forward swizzles in a row, backward wiggles, beginning snowplow stop.

Basic 2 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Basic 1.  Skills: Scooter pushes, forward one-foot glides, backward two-foot glide, rocking horse, 6-8 backward swizzles, forward to backward two-foot turns in place, moving snowplow stop.

Basic 3 – Perquisite: Must have passed Basic 2.  Skills: Beginning forward stroking showing correct use of blade, 6-8 forward pumps, moving forward to backward two-foot turns, beginning backward one-foot glides, backward snowplow stop, forward slalom.

Basic 4 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Basic 3.  Skills: Forward outside and inside edges on a circle, forward crossovers, backward pumps, backward one-foot glides, beginning two-foot spin.

Basic 5 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Basic 4.  Skills: Backward outside and inside edges on a circle, backward crossovers, forward outside 3-turns, advanced two-foot spin, hockey stop.

Basic 6 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Basic 5.  Skills: Forward inside 3-turns, moving backward to forward two-foot turns, backward stroking, beginning one-foot spin, T-stops, bunny hop, forward spiral on a straight line.

Teen/Adult – Our Teen/Adult class is for skaters over the age of 12 who wish to start skating or continue mastering their skating skills.  There is no prerequisite for this class and skaters work at their own pace based off their personal goals.


Each freeskate level is comprised of a variety of progressive skating skills, transitions, spins and jumps – all of which build on the previous skill, providing skaters with a strong foundation of all elements.  These levels will be taught in a positive and interactive group format, focusing on quality and mastery of skills.

Pre-Freeskate – Prerequisite: Must have passed Basic 6. Skills:  Forward inside open mohawk, landing position, edge transition, moves footwork, one-foot upright spin, mazurka, waltz jump.

Freeskate 1 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Pre-Freeskate.  Skills:  Forward power stroking, basic forward outside and inside edges, backward outside 3-turns, upright spin from backward crossovers, half flip, toe loop.

Freeskate 2 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 1.  Skills:  Alternating forward outside and inside spirals, basic backward outside and inside edges, backward inside 3-turns, beginning back spin, half lutz, salchow.

Freeskate 3 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 2.  Skills: Alternating backward crossovers to backward outside edges, alternating mohawk/crossover sequence, waltz 3-turns, advanced back scratch spin, loop jump, waltz jump-toe loop or salchow-toe loop combination.

Freeskate 4 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 3.  Skills:  Forward power 3-turns, waltz eight, forward upright to backward upright spin, sit spin, half loop, flip jump.

Freeskate 5 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 4.  Skills:  Backward power 3-turns, five step mohawk sequence, camel spin, waltz-loop jump combination, lutz jump.

Freeskate 6 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 5.  Skills: Forward power pulls, creative step sequence, camel-sit spin, layback or attitude spin, waltz-half loop-salchow jump sequence, axel.

Freeskate 7 – Prerequisite: Must have passed Freeskate 6.  This level is for skaters continuing to work through axel and on to double jumps and spin combinations.

Specialty Classes

Power – This class builds power, speed, control and edge quality for figure skaters.

Power 1 prerequisite: Basic 5,

Power 2 prerequisite: Pre-Freeskate,

Power 3 prerequisite: Freeskate 5. 

Spin & Jump – This class uses training techniques that improve a skater’s spins and jumps by focusing on the different steps of each jump and spin like entry, organization, alignment, strength and check out.

Off Ice Conditioning – Our off-ice classes are 30 minutes of exercises meant to build stamina, balance, conditioning and core strength as they relate to figure skating.  Skaters will use plyometric exercises, rotation exercises and stretches to improve their skills on the ice.

Music Interpretation – This class is designed to teach skaters how to perform maneuvers to music.  This fun class that helps skaters use their skills in a new, interpretive way is held every other session.

Intro to Synchro - This class will introduce basic synchro skills such as lines, circles and intersections. Any skater interested in synchronized skating will truly benefit from this class.

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Silver Leafs News

Learn to skate from the best Directors and coaches at Leafs Ice Centre. We offer a variety of classes from beginner to advanced levels.

Silver Leafs Skating Director Gerianne Johnson

Gerianne Johnson


I started skating when I was 4 and began teaching as a volunteer at age 12.  I received a B.A. in Sports Management from North Central College in Naperville. I have been a member of the Greater Chicagoland Learn to Skate USA Committee since 2010.  I love being involved in the grassroots levels.  Watching skaters be excited about landing their first jumps, getting their first spin and wanting to learn the next thing is the most rewarding part of figure skating as a career.

Elite Skating Coach - Collin Brubaker

Collin Brubaker

Collin Brubaker grew up in Algonquin and started skating at the age of 5. His career began in many of the rinks in the Chicagoland area, which lead him to joining Team USA as a National Ice-Dance competitor. He represented the United States in the ISU Junior Worlds and Senior Grand Prix, and is a U.S. National Ice-Dance silver medalist. Collin is a professional figure skating and ice-dancing coach and has most recently been working with National competitors. Chicago is his home and he is excited to be coming back to share his expertise in fundamentals and skating skills with the Leafs Ice Centre and the Chicago Fusion Synchronized Skating Team. Skating has always been his passion and he is looking forward to giving back to the community


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