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Silver Leafs Skate School

The Silver Leafs Skate School is excited to announce its transition into a United Skates Figure Skating program. Called the USFS Basic Skills program, it was designed by US Figure Skating to be the best beginning and continuing ice skating program that serves the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters.

We welcome you to visit  for information on the organization or you can e-mail our Figure Skating Director Gerianne Johnsonn with questions.


The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to provide a goal-oriented program that encourages ice skating at all levels and to enhance the quality of skating skills at these levels.


During Sessions #3 and #4 of Skate School, skaters are limited to ONE make up class per session. This is due to greater class sizes during these sessions and the need to keep classes at a size that will benefit all involved. Make-up classes need to be scheduled by calling the front desk. Only 2 skaters per class will be allowed to do a make up on any given day. Again, this is to keep classes at a workable size. To schedule a make up class, please call 847-844-8700.


Snowplow Sam 1 (previously Tot Beginner) age 3-5
This class is for young beginners that have never skated before. The class focuses on introducing young children to beginning skating skills in an atmosphere of fun, using games and ice-safe toys to help teach basic skills. Elements include proper falling and getting up, marching, gliding and forward swizzles.

Snowplow Sam 2 (previously Intermediate Tot) age 3-5
This class is for young children that have become familiar with skating. Skaters in Snowplow Sam 1 progress to this level. Elements include forward skating, one foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, curves and beginning snowplow stops.

Snowplow Sam 3 (previously Advanced Tot) age 3-5
Prerequisite: Snowplow Sam 2.  Elements include forward pumps and stroking, advanced backward swizzles, one foot glides on a circle and beginning forward crossovers, backward pumps and backward stroking.

Basic 1 (previously Pre-Alpha 1) age 6 & up
This class is for those who have never skated or have never had formal lessons. Skaters will learn the very basics of figure skating, balance and forward and backward skating.
Elements include falling and getting up, marching, two foot glides, forward swizzles, backward wiggles and beginning snowplow stops.

Basic 2 (previously Pre-Alpha 2) age 6 & up
This class has a prerequisite of
Basic 1 and continues to teach the beginning elements of skating including: one foot glides, forward and backward swizzles, and snow plow stops. Other elements include two foot turns, one foot glides and backward two foot glides.

Basic 3 (previously Alpha 1)
This class has a prerequisite of Basic 2. Elements include forward stroking, forward pumps, backward one foot glides, forward slaloms and beginning two foot spins.

Basic 4 (previously Alpha 2 and Beta 1)
This class has a prerequisite of
Basic 3. Elements include forward inside and outside edges on a circle, forward crossovers, standing outside 3-turns, backward pumps, backward stroking and backward snowplow stop.

Basic 5 (previously Beta 2)
Prerequisite is Basic 4. Elements include backward inside and outside edges on a circle, backward crossovers, beginning one-foot spin, hockey stop and side toe hops.

Basic 6 (previously Gamma)
Prerequisite is Basic 5.  Elements include standing inside 3-turns, backward to forward turns, t-stops, bunny hops, forward lunge and forward spiral.   

Basic 7 (previously Delta)
Prerequisite is Basic 6. Elements include standing inside mohawks, forward and backward edges on a circle, backward crossovers to backward edge glides, forward pivots and ballet jump.

Basic 8 (previously Pre-Freestyle)
Prerequisite is Basic 7. Elements include forward inside and outside 3-turns in a moving circle, combination moves of crossovers and edges, one-foot spin, waltz jump and mazurka jump.

*Upon successful completion of the Basic levels, skaters will advance into the Freeskate levels.

Freeskate Levels

Freeskate 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
(previously Freestyle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Skaters will begin with 20-minutes of power skating, footwork and Moves in the Field and then divide by levels for 30-minutes of instruction for level-specific maneuvers.

Freeskate 1
Elements include advanced forward stroking, forward outside and inside edges, backward outside 3-turns, scratch spin, waltz jump and half flip jump.

Freeskate 2
Elements include backward outside and inside 3-turns, progressive chasse sequence, waltz 3’s, beginning back spin, waltz-side toe-waltz jump and toe-loop jump.

Freeskate 3
Elements include forward and backward crossovers in figure 8 pattern, waltz 8, advanced forward consecutive swing rolls, backward inside 3-turns, back scratch spin, salcow jump, half lutz jump and toe-loop combination jump.

Freeskate 4
Elements include spiral sequence, forward power 3-turns, backward progressive chasse, sit spin, loop jump and waltz/loop combination jump.

*Upon completion of Freeskate 4, skaters will be given an overall evaluation of skills and may be invited into a USFS Bridge program consisting of both on and off-ice training.

Freeskate 5
Elements include backward outside 3-turn to forward inside Mohawk sequence, spiral sequence, forward outside slide chase swing roll sequence, camel spin, forward to backward upright spin, flip jump, loop-loop jump combination and waltz-falling leaf-toe-loop jump combination.

Freeskate 6
Elements include alternate backward crossovers to backward outside edges, five-step mohawk sequence, camel-sit spin combination, split or stag jump, waltz-half-loop-salcow jump combination, lutz jump and walk-through axel jump.

Freeskate 7
Elements include reinforcement of maneuvers from Freeskate 6, axel jump and double salcow jump. Other spin and jump combinations will be introduced including double toe-loop jump, layback spin and flying camel spin.

Teens and Adults (age 14 and up)
follows a nationally recognized format which begins with the basic skills level. Adults are placed into small groups according to ability and progress from level to level at their own pace.  

Specialty Classes

Power/Edge class
(must be Basic 5 level or above)
This class builds power, speed, control and edge quality for figure skaters.

Music interpretation class
(must be Basic 5 level or above)
This class is designed to teach skaters how to perform maneuvers to music. A fun class that helps skaters use their skills in a new, interpretive way.

Moves in the Field Class
(must be Basic 5 level or above)
This class teaches combinations and patterns of various strokes, edges and turns with emphasis on extension, power and posture.

Axel Jump
(waltz jump/ loop jump combination)
This class is solely designed to learn the axel and double axel jump

Footwork Class (Basic 7 and above)
Build coordination and quick foot motion with this class filled with turns, steps, brackets, 3-turns, progressive and much more.

Intro to Synchro (Basic 4 and Up)
Designed to teach skaters the basics of skating in unison. This class will introduce such basic skills as lines, circles and intersections. Any skater interested in becoming part of one of our competitive Synchro teams will truly benefit from this class. Class will be taught by one of our high level synchro coaches. Badges will be given for passing the synchro levels.

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Learn to skate from the best Directors and coaches at Leafs Ice Centre. We offer a variety of classes from beginner to advanced levels.

Silver Leafs Skating Director Gerianne Johnson

Gerianne Johnson


I started skating when I was 4 and began teaching as a volunteer at age 12.  I received a B.A. in Sports Management from North Central College in Naperville. I have been a member of the Greater Chicagoland Learn to Skate USA Committee since 2010.  I love being involved in the grassroots levels.  Watching skaters be excited about landing their first jumps, getting their first spin and wanting to learn the next thing is the most rewarding part of figure skating as a career.

Elite Skating Coach - Collin Brubaker

Collin Brubaker

Collin Brubaker grew up in Algonquin and started skating at the age of 5. His career began in many of the rinks in the Chicagoland area, which lead him to joining Team USA as a National Ice-Dance competitor. He represented the United States in the ISU Junior Worlds and Senior Grand Prix, and is a U.S. National Ice-Dance silver medalist. Collin is a professional figure skating and ice-dancing coach and has most recently been working with National competitors. Chicago is his home and he is excited to be coming back to share his expertise in fundamentals and skating skills with the Leafs Ice Centre and the Chicago Fusion Synchronized Skating Team. Skating has always been his passion and he is looking forward to giving back to the community